Cheney Fire Department

Student Contributor -S. Ohlman
The Cheney Fire Department works to help the citizens of the town of Cheney as well as neighboring towns. They respond to any emergency, prepare for nation disasters, put out fires, and much more. They are vital to our community and its safety.

When you partner with Cheney Fire Department, you are helping the community in a multitude of ways. They would be a great organization for teachers to partner with because students in our community need to appreciate how much the fire department does to help them, as well as trust them and realize that they are always on our side and can help in any emergency. Exposing our students to an organization like this can help them learn safety and ways to keep themselves and others safe. It is important for students to be involved in and informed about the community that they live in.

The way that I partnered with this organization was I had my students draw pictures and write letters thanking the fire department for what they do and then I delivered the letters to the fire station. Another way that a teacher could partner with them could be bringing a firefighter in and talking about what they do and teaching the students about fire safety. Another way could be to take a field trip to the fire station and have students talk to the firefighters and look at the station and the fire trucks.

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