Salvation Army

Student Contributor -K Carrell
The Salvation Army provides a large range of basic human need services. These services consist of disaster relief, helping families with holiday giving, providing LGBTQ support, having a commitment to diversity, creating homeless shelters and food pantries, providing grassroots services, rehabilitation services, spiritual healing, job training, veteran services, services for aging, and helping victims of domestic abuse.

In order for the Salvation Army to ensure they are properly serving the coming, the Salvation Army educates themselves on the hardships, obstacles, and challenges that the members of the community are facing. After determining what the needs of the community are, the Salvation Army creates local programs that are designed to offer immediate relief, short-term care, and long-term growth in the areas that the members of the community will best benefit from. Ater creating the programs, the Salvation Army offers these services to the community. The Salvation Army continually works to improve these services to ensure that they are still meeting the needs of the community and improving the lives of the individuals in the community.

Due to the Salvation Army educating themselves on the hardships of the community, the Salvation Army is a great organization for teachers and students to partner to help make a difference in their community. Teachers and students can partner with the Salvation Army in various different ways. The Salvation Army conducts food drives, clothing drives, and toy drives. Teachers could reach out to the Salvation Army and see what they are in need of and create a drive based on the need. The Salvation Army always needs volunteers and students and their parents could volunteer in providing a service to the community.

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