McNair Scholars Makenna Tabino & Claudio Escalante Attend the 32nd Annual Murdock Conference

 Scholars Makenna Tabino and Claudio Escalante attended the invite-only 32nd Annual Murdock Conference, designed to advance “new knowledge in the natural sciences”. This year’s theme was One Brain: Neuroscience and Window into Mental Health, Co-hosted by Pacific University on November 10-11, 2023.   Makenna Presented her Cattail Research Project, Determining the Long-Term Effectiveness of Seeding Post-Dam … Read more

EWU McNair Scholar Makenna Tabino Completes Summer Research Internship

Congratulations to EWU McNair Scholar Makenna Tabino for completing her McNair Summer Research Internship! She worked with mentor & department chair Dr. Rebecca Brown on Makenna’s summer 2023 research, “Determining the Long-Term Effectiveness of Seeding Post-Dam Removal in the Elwha River, WA, Through Soil Seed Bank Analysis”. Her research project is a collaboration with the nonprofit … Read more

McNair Scholars Connect with Research Librarians

Dr. Liya Deng recently visited our classroom to inform McNair Scholars of all the research resources available at the EWU Library. Dr. Deng discussed using Research Guides, Databases A-Z, Academic Search Ultimate, and JSTOR, and best practices for key words and filters. Dr. Deng has always provided McNair Scholars with kind and generous support on … Read more

17 McNair Scholars Present at EWU’s 2023 Student Research & Creative Works Symposium

2023 Symposium

On May 10, EWU held the 2023 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium. The Symposium is back in person since 2022, allowing excellent shared engagement as scholars discussed their research (both proposed and completed) with fellow students, faculty, and the EWU community. Many scholars shared their work in poster format in the PUB, while others … Read more

Makenna Tabino Selected as an EWU McNair Scholar and Awarded Summer Research Internship

Makenna Tabino Selected

Congratulations to new McNair Scholar Makenna Tabino! Makenna was selected by the McNair Scholars’ selection committee on the basis of her passion for research, commitment to attaining a PhD, and overall potential for success in graduate school. The federally-funded TRIO Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program at EWU selects motivated and talented juniors and seniors who … Read more