Lands Council

The Lands Council

The Lands Councils mission is to preserve and revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement. This organization is fantastic to collaborate with and have a variety of focuses from water restoration to wildlife support. They envision a day when the forests of the Inland Northwest are protected for a diversity of wildlife species and provide communities with a source of plentiful clean water. The Lands Council has a goal of a public that understands the importance of protecting forests and water.

Grades of Green

Grades of Green

Grades of green is a non-profit organization whose goal is to instill environmental values in students around the world. Their purpose is to provide free and easy to access educational resources to students, teachers and schools so that we can all work on creating a better future for our world and everyone in it. They have 40+ activities all aimed at instilling environmental values in youth across the globe.

Communities In Schools

Community In Schools

“Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.” They provide a lot of services to help keep students in school, graduate on time, and go on to some form of secondary education (community college, university, trade school, etc.). Helping public schools to face dropout challenges, Communities In Schools brings in resources and volunteers to help struggling students get back on track.

Books For Africa

Books for Africa

Books For Africa is the largest shipper of donated educational materials to the African continent in the world. They have shipped more than 34 million books to 49 different African nations since they were founded in 1988! Not only do they ship donated books but with the donation money they buy educational supplies and ship that to Africa, as well.

$1 Scholastic Reading Club

$1 Scholastic Reading Club

When donating through the Scholastic Reading club flyer, there’s an option to make a $1 donation to Book Trust. Book Trust empowers 50,000 kids from low-income families to choose and buy their own books throughout each school year. A dollar doesn’t sound like much, but combined together a dollar can create a larger amount of money that can help a child get the opportunity to enjoy the gift of reading.