EWU McNair Scholars Program Recruits Over 40 Potential Scholars

EWU McNair Scholar Marixza Torres Tells Students at EWU McNair Fall Orientation what the program does for students.

EWU McNair Scholar Marixza Torres tells students at McNair orientation how the program helps students in getting to grad school. Each fall the EWU McNair Scholars Program recruits talented and determined students in fields across the university who want to pursue their PhD. This year, in partnership with faculty and staff across the university as … Read more

Darlene Gilroy, EWU McNair Scholar and Environmental Geology major, attends prestigious Murdock College Science Research Conference in Vancouver, WA

The EWU McNair Scholars’ Program would like to recognize McNair Scholar Darlene Gilroy (2018-19 cohort) for presenting her original research at the 2019 Murdock College Science Research Conference held November 8th-9th in Vancouver, Washington. Darlene’s research project, Chemical Weathering of Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Sediments, was completed in the summer of 2019 as part of … Read more

Abdulrazik Mohammed Travels to DC to Attend the 7th Annual International Symposium on Women and Genocide in the 21st Century: The Case of Darfur

EWU McNair Scholar Abdulrazik (Abdu) Mohammed lived in an Internally Displaced camp in the Sudan for two years as a child, then spent five years in a Kenyan refugee camp with his family, who had been forced to flee their home due to the ongoing violent conflict in Darfur. “Life was like a prison there,” … Read more

Ereisa Morales’s Scholar Story

You might recognize Ereisa Morales from McNair’s website. You also might recognize her from posters around campus. She is holding a book about drug use, and a tape recorder, ready to document, survey, and research. What is she researching? Morales is a McNair Scholar. She is also a part of a sorority on campus, and … Read more

Kianna Baker’s Scholar Story

We all know that college students struggle. They struggle with classes, assignments and tests. One can remember the long hours in the library cramming over books in pools of soft light from the rows of lamps, students half asleep, mindlessly present in the real world, fully involved in the world rendered in their minds. That’s … Read more

Erik Almaguer’s Scholar Story

McNair Scholar, Erik Almaguer, a computer science major in his junior year at Eastern Washington University, has been working since Spring Quarter of 2018 on his project, with the help of his mentor, Dr. Shamima Yasmin. Almaguer grew up in Kennewick, working and going to the community college there. He wasn’t too sure on what … Read more