EWU McNair Scholar Aulane Mpouli Completes Summer Research Internship

Congratulations EWU McNair Scholar Aulane Mpouli for completing her EWU McNair Summer Research Internship! Aulane’s study is titled Molecular Docking Study of ITPA Protein Substrate Complex. The project is an extension of the work that mentor Dr. Yao Houndonougbo has been doing to apply computational chemistry methods to study protein–ligand interactions and the property structure … Read more

Representation Matters: McNair Chemistry Research Intern Aulane Mpouli

Aulane Mpouli understands from experience why representation matters in STEM fields. As an EWU McNair Scholar and Chemistry and Biochemistry major, Aulane is currently applying to chemistry PhD programs with the goal of conducting bench to bedside translational cancer research. Interested in mechanisms to evaluate protein-ligand interactions, as well as chemical biology, and enzyme dynamics … Read more

Nine EWU McNair Scholars Present at Baylor McNair Research Conference

From looking at community perceptions of reentry barriers to formerly incarcerated people to the impact of chemical weathering from Mount St. Helen’s on streams, EWU McNair Scholars have been hard at work researching all summer under the guidance of their mentors. On October 1st and 2nd. Nine of these scholars presented at the 2020 Virtual … Read more

EWU McNair Scholars Continue Summer Research Despite COVID-19

Soon after the shelter in place began in Washington state, EWU McNair started hearing reports from our colleagues that summer research internships were being cancelled across the country. We cringed knowing that several of our students had received prestigious summer research internships or were still waiting to hear back from those they’d applied to. Fortunately, … Read more

18 EWU McNair Scholars Present at EWU Virtual Symposium

EWU McNair is proud to announce that 18 EWU McNair Scholars presented at this year’s Virtual Symposium. In the midst of regular reminders of the suffering from COVID-19, in particular its disproportionate effect on communities of color, as well as recent police murders, we hope that lifting up our scholars will continue to support their … Read more

Aulane Mpouli Selected as an EWU McNair Scholar and Awarded Summer Research Internship

Congratulations Eastern Washington University student Aulane Mpouli! Aulane has been selected as an EWU McNair Scholar and awarded a summer research internship. McNair Scholars must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and are first generation college students and low-income and/or underrepresented students. They are selected for their promise as scholars and commitment towards attaining … Read more