Nine EWU McNair Scholars Present at Baylor McNair Research Conference

Nine EWU McNair Scholars Present at Baylor McNair Research Conference

From looking at community perceptions of reentry barriers to formerly incarcerated people to the impact of chemical weathering from Mount St. Helen’s on streams, EWU McNair Scholars have been hard at work researching all summer under the guidance of their mentors. On October 1st and 2nd. Nine of these scholars presented at the 2020 Virtual Baylor McNair Research Conference! This conference brought together over 350 students, staff, and faculty from McNair programs across the country. Presenting at the conference gives student practice for the future, as well as the opportunity to network with graduate programs across the country. Congratulations to our amazing student presenters and huge thanks to their mentors for ongoing support! Click on the student’s name below to learn more about them and their research.


Malachi Chukwu – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Majid Sharifi, International Affairs and Political Science

Assessing Developmental Approaches Since the Mid-20th Century and its Outcomes for the Underdeveloped Countries


Ashley  Destin – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Judd A. Case, Biology

Size Scaling in the Skull of North American Felids as Adaptations for Prey Acquisition


Darlene Gilroy – Oral Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Carmen Nezat, Geology

Chemical Weathering of Deposits from the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption and its Effect on Stream Water Chemistry


Theresa Lee – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Lindsey Upton, Criminology

Prisoner Reentry: College Perceptions of Reentry Barriers in a Northwest Community


Wendolyn Martinez – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Dorothy Zeisler Vralsted, International Affairs

Propaganda: USSR and US Comparing Propaganda from the US and USSR Produced for the Advancement of Public Approval for Hydro-projects in the 1930s


Aulane Mpouli – Oral Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Yao Houndonougbo, Chemistry

Molecular Docking Study of ITPA Protein Substrate Complex


Rachael Pentico – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Brown, Biology

Differences in Plant Soil Feedbacks with Respect to Slope Aspect


Samantha Sanchez-Garcia – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Jillene Seiver, Psychology

PsychologyTraumatic Experiences and Mental Health Among College Students


Hope Sands – Poster Presentation

Mentor: Dr. Brian Buchanan, Archaeology/GIS

Understanding the Historical Past of Fort Spokane through Landscape Archaeology


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