The Noah Center

Student Contributor -S. Byrum
The NOAH Center is a nonprofit Animal Adoption Center located in Stanwood, Washington. They provide a low-cost spay/neuter clinic that is dedicated to keeping all animals as healthy as possible. Since opening, the NOAH center has had over 47,000 pets adopted.

The NOAH Center stands for the Northwest Organization for Animal Help. They provide thousands of animals with the second chance they deserve. They are committed to high quality care and have made such a big impact on the community since opening. The NOAH Center has provided permanent homes for over 40,000 cats and dogs, and have performed over 115,000 surgeries for low-income members of the community. They have a one-on-one adoption process to ensure that each family finds their perfect fit. They hold numerous public events to help raise money to fund their organization. Partnering with this organization would help these deserving pets find their forever home.

Teachers can partner with this organization in numerous ways. It could be something small, such as making donation posters with students to put around the community, or making adoption posters. Teachers could also do something bigger and have a class field trip to one of the numerous events held by the NOAH Center, such as "Music for the Animals" or "Laugh Your Tail Off." A teacher could have students help out at these events, and put their adoption posters around the area.

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