Spokane Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team

Student Contributor -K. Allen
HEART is a non-profit group run purely by volunteers. To provide assistance in times of emergency/disasters, whether man-made or natural, rescuing animals, setting up and operating emergency animal shelters when requested by appropriate authority. Also works to educate the public regarding emergency preparedness for all animals within their care.

HEART was created to coordinate efforts with Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service and the American Red Cross to provide rapid response to events affecting the health, safety and welfare of animals and their people. HEART is an all volunteer group that has helped many cities throughout Washington with a focus on the Spokane district. They have been faithfully serving Spokane and surrounding cities for 16 years. They are also passionate about teaching others how to be prepared with your pet in times of disasters. With excellent resources on how to make emergency’s kits for your pet whether big or small.

Students can learn about the needs and cares for different types of animals. Focusing on the essential's that pet's need in time of disaster. Can also learn what makes up a good emergency kit for multiple types of animals and create their own kits to give out to family, friends, the community, and those in need.

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