Cat Tails

Student Contributor -Megen Gray
This organization offers a home to big cats, bears, and other wildlife. Most of these animals are native to the area, this offers education to local people on these animals. This is a safe place for education on these animals and a home to these animals, that couldn’t just be put back into the wild.

This organization offers a place to wild animals, some of which have been kept as pets to local people. People who are not able to properly care for a large cat, or it is not illegal for them to keep a pet like that. Cat Tails in turn takes these animals in and educates local people on them. Other animals that they have may have been born in captivity and been transferred into Cat Tails because they need someplace that could better accommodate their needs. Having your students work with them offers a learning opportunity about the animals local to them and animals that aren’t so local, but we sometimes still want them as a pet.

I believe there are many ways a teacher can work with this organization, one being to educate students on some of the needs this organization has. Then you can have students bring in small items that this place needs. After that, if possible, you could have the students drop off the donated items on a field trip and be able to see these animals in person. If not, of course, you would drop off the donated items, and you could use the website to see where your donations might go and meet the animals. This would help your students feel more connected to the organization and the animals they are helping.

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