Tips for staying healthy and happy while social distancing

Here are several tips from a colleague’s dog for staying happy and healthy while social distancing.

dog resting on a carpetRelaxation/Meditation

Consider trying some yoga or deep breathing exercises. There are many free “classes” on YouTube – one is “Yoga with Adrienne” which offers many different levels and focuses and only requires the space that a yoga mat or bath towel take up.

dog running through the snow


Get some exercise! Exercise helps with weight control, reduces your risk of certain chronic health conditions, improves your mental health and mood, and helps improve your brain. You may need to get creative, but keeping your body moving can do wonders.

Dog staring at cat through a window


You can still stay in touch with friends and family in this time of social distancing. Use texting, email, video chat, etc to keep connected. Plan an activity together from a distance (Chrome’s extension, Netflix Party, will allow you to watch with friends). Social support is so important – just maintain that 6 foot radius!

dog sleeping


Get lots of rest! Lack of sleep increases risk of obesity, heart disease, and infections, as well as influences your mood. Sleep helps your immune system function properly, helps improve problem-solving and attention to detail, and allows you to be more productive!

dog bed destroyed by dog


Work on your hobbies, play a game, or listen to some upbeat music! Engaging in activities that you enjoy improves your mood and stimulates your brain.

Aya would like you to know how proud she is that she has now destroyed 3 beds plus countless toys and is looking forward to developing her skills in this area even further.

dog in the woods

Fresh Air

Get outside as much as possible – this can be more difficult with widespread self-quarantine but consider going for a walk outside or just sitting outside of your house for a little bit. Fresh air and a little extra vitamin D in your life is a good idea!

Thank you Scott, his wife, and their dog Aya for helping us all thrive in these difficult times.

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