Hazardous Waste

EH&S assists in the identification, safe handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with the Solid Waste Disposal Act, The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) federal regulations, and Washington Administrative Code (WAC)  173-303, "Dangerous Waste Regulations".

Any materials that are classified as hazardous or may pose a threat to human health or the environment must be disposed of in accordance with the above regulations. Hazardous wastes contain one or more of the following characteristics:

These regulations do not apply to asbestos waste, radioactive waste, infectious/biological waste, and other problem wastes that do not fall into the regulatory hazardous waste criteria. These wastes are covered by other regulations and are dealt with separately.

Information for Waste Generators

Anyone who generates waste on campus has responsibilities according to Washington state law. Please read through the Information for Waste Generators page. Waste generators are responsible for understanding their role in waste compliance and appropriately handling their waste.

Hazard Definitions

All waste must be appropriately labeled with the hazards it possesses. Waste hazards have specific definitions and it is important that the correct hazards are selected on waste labels. Below are the official definitions for hazards associated with waste.

Waste Pickup

Click the button below to access the Waste Pick Up Request Form. You will need to download the Waste Inventory Word document and fill it out with all the information about your waste. Include every chemical, even water, inside each container along with the amount of the chemical(s).

Label your waste containers with numbers that match the entries on the Waste Inventory.

To Dispose of Your Own Waste:

If you have waste you think isn't hazardous and you want to be able to dispose of it yourself, fill out the Waste Evaluation Request form. This form must be submitted and approved before you can dispose of waste without using the Hazardous Waste Pickup Request.

Provide all of your information, the pH and complete chemical composition of the waste, and how you want to dispose of it. Send the form to envhea@ewu.edu for evaluation.

Permits usually take 1-2 days to evaluate, please plan ahead.