Laboratory Safety

If you’re going to inspect it, dissect it, or mix it with something to see if it changes color or blows up, safety information can be found here.

All laboratory doors must have a Hazard Door Sign.

Request a waste pick up to dispose of hazardous waste.

Laboratory Safety Sub-pages

General Lab Safety


  • When opening containers or heating items, make sure nothing is pointed toward your face.
  • Wear long pants and close-toed shoes in the lab.
  • Never leave lit bunsen burners unattended.
  • Dispose of all laboratory waste as instructed; double check waste labels before adding your waste, mixing incompatible waste can cause explosions.
  • Make sure you know where the nearest safety equipment is located.
  • Rinse for 15 minutes if anything splashes or spills on you.

Safe Glove Removal

Removing gloves carefully is very important to keep you safe when working with potentially hazardous or infectious materials. Always remember the outside of the gloves should be considered contaminated and the inside is clean, don’t touch anything clean with anything contaminated.

This video does a great job demonstrating proper glove removal and emphasizes the importance of hand washing.

Electrical Safety in the Laboratory