Accident & Incident Reporting

Submit an Incident Report if you have or see an accident or incident on any EWU campus or while at an EWU related event or trip.

For a PDF version of the Incident Report form, click here.

Safety Concern Reporting

Fill out a Safety Concern Report if you identify something on campus that you think could cause a problem if left uncorrected.

EH&S Service Request

Fill this out to request assistance from EH&S. This form can be used to request ergonomic evaluations.

For a PDF version of the Service Request Form, click here.

Waste Pick Up Request

Fill out this form and attach the required Word document to request a pick up of hazardous waste.

Training Documentation Form - this form can be used to document any trainings provided to employees or students. Training records should be kept for at least 3 years. The records should also include any handouts given during the training. Training records can be sent to EH&S for retention.

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