The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary

Student Contributor -R. Reichert
The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary is owned and operated by the Pitt family. TLRD is an organization that take in dogs, cats, and horses that might not have a chance to be adopted or are forgotten by their families, due to various ailments or behavioral issues. They give them a home to spend the rest of their lives and become part of the Pitt family. Their mission is to prevent cruelty to animals in need of medical attention, subject to danger or abuse, hungry or starving, or under any other distress or cruelty. They also adopt animals from owners in distressed situations where they might not be able to care for their animals any longer.

The Last Road Dog Sanctuary has a large ranch home on 42 acres of property in Cheney, WA. All indoor animals spend the night inside the house, safe and sound. Outdoor animals can go outside in a fenced yard to enjoy 2.5 acres with grass and trees. TLRD become pet’s guardian angels and will take in animals to give owners in distress a peace of mind. They provide the pets with a safe, loving, and permanent home for the rest of their lives. TLRD has a 30-year long history of animal care to back their devotion and commitment to the animals and distressed owners. This organization often takes animals from other rescue or other welfare organizations where they might be overpopulated. The Last Road Dog Sanctuary is an approved charitable organization and is registered with the Charities Program of the Washington Secretary of State. There are a few projects TLRD has been working on regarding rescue projects. Jenny’s fund is a fund used to help families with sick pets who do not have the financial ability to provide them with the necessary treatment. This fund helps provide financial aid to low-income owners so their pet can get the care needed. This fund was named after a German Shepard who is being provided with chemo treatment at the WSU Vet Hospital in Pullman, WA. TLRD provided $10,000 in support for both Hurricane Ida lost dogs needing to be reunited with their owners or finding new owners. They also helped rescue many of the military dogs left in Afghanistan needing help being returned to the States.

There are many ways teachers and students could partner with this organization to make a difference. The Last Road Dog Sanctuary organization has a website that has several ways money donations can be placed, including PayPal, Square Payment, or simply by mailing a payment directly to them. They are also thankful for any other donations that could be made. This includes hay, oats, dog/cat food, treats, toys, etc. Teachers could come together and have a school-wide donation drive from all the items listed. TLRD would be grateful for any and all donations received.

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