Wenatchee CAFE

Student Contributor -J. Skok
The Community for the Advancement of Family Education (CAFE) is a non-profit organization located in Wenatchee, WA. CAFE aims to advance family and community growth through education. They provide opportunities in leadership, civic and social engagement, literacy development, and academic achievement.

CAFE focuses on family education, community participation, promoting leadership, and environmental justice. All of these things are valuable in helping people grow both personally and in the community. CAFE has a variety of activities that help bring the community and families together. One of their goals is to enhance the scholastic abilities of students K-12 to help them prepare for college or vocational school after graduation. They believe that family unity transcends into education, therefore, making it a family affair. CAFE helps to make this possible for families. They also want their community members to be active leaders in helping promote environmental justice.

CAFE holds many events throughout the year to help develop education and leadership. They are always looking for volunteers for these events. Every year, CAFE holds a dinner fundraiser in which they award seven scholarships to graduating seniors from the NCW area. Students could potentially help set up for the dinner to help prepare for this big event. Wenatchee is so culturally diverse simply introducing students to this organization can provide them an opportunity for growth that they didn’t know was out there.

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