Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC)

EPIC Adventures aims to provide experiential programs that inspire confidence, foster inclusiveness, teach useful skills, and develop long lasting relationships within the broader EWU community.

The health and well-being of EPIC participants and staff members are our priorities. Due to the inherent risks associated with our activities, EPIC programs are open to individuals who acknowledge the ability to perform the following Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC). The following EEC are applicable to all EPIC program clients and companion caregivers. Companion caregiver is defined as an individual(s) trained to assist an EPIC client with physical, emotional, or communication requirements (please see Section 2 for companion-specific EEC).

Note: If you have any general questions or concerns about our EEC, please contact us; we may be able to assist you with a reasonable accommodation unless it would fundamentally change the nature of our programs, would increase unnecessary risk to you or others, or would place an undue financial or administrative burden on EPIC Adventures.

1. General EEC

The following EEC pertain to all EPIC programs. Each participant and companion must have the ability to complete the following requirements.

1.1 Effectively signal or notify trip leaders, 3rd party designee, or other participants of personal distress, injury, illness, or need of assistance;

1.2 Perceive, understand, and follow instructions independently, or with the assistance of a companion or adaptive equipment. Including the following emergency procedures: (where are these emergency procedures get listed?};

1.3 Independently, or with the assistance of a companion, perform necessary self-care, activities of daily living, and manage known medical conditions;.

1.4 Perform bladder/bowel control and toileting needs according to activity-specific environments: These environments may include the use of pit-toilets, wag-bags, cat holes, etc.;

1.5 Perceive and comprehend the inherent risks of the activity, including but not limited to, risks identified and explained by EPIC staff;

1.6 Remain alert and focused for the duration of the programed activity or outing;

1.7 Withstand moderate physical activity;

1.8 Access EPIC's trip-start locations independently or with the assistance of a companion;

1.9 Adapt to venue changes in the event that logistical conditions must change;

1.10 Withstand changing environmental factors associated with the EPIC program, including but not limited to, varying air temperatures, varying water temperatures (during paddling activities), rain, snow, ice, direct sun exposure, etc.; and,

1.11 When using EPIC transportation: Be able to enter and exit EPIC vehicles independently or with the assistance of a companion.

2. Companion Caregiver EEC EEC

3. Activity Specific EEC

In addition to the General EEC and Companion Caregiver EEC listed above, each EPIC participant and companion caregiver must have the ability to complete the following requirements specific to the program or activity.

3.1 Camping

3.1.1 Physically navigate the campsite in order to attend instructional sessions and toileting needs, independently or with the assistance of a companion caregiver;

3.1.2 Sleep in tents, on padded ground surfaces according to activity-specific environments. Adaptive equipment approved by EPIC staff is allowed.

3.2 Hiking and Snowshoeing
3.3 Backpacking
3.4 Cycling
3.5 Water Activities
3.6 Skiing and Snowboarding
3.7 Climbing
3.8 Mountaineering
3.9 Caving