Showalter Hall Auditorium and University Productions

University Productions provides professional audio, visual and event production for events all across campus including Showalter Auditorium and the Hargreaves Reading Room.  Our focus is the support of the university administration, faculty, staff, and programs that serve our students.

Our flagship venue is Showalter Auditorium which opened in 1914 as the centerpiece of the newly completed Showalter Hall. Today, this elegant 625 seat auditorium serves as the showcase facility for the campus and is the home base for University Productions.  

Showalter is available 7 days a week and features a steady calendar of events. To ensure availability, we recommend booking your event at least 30 days in advance.

Showalter Hall Mid Sized Event


Showatler Hall Large Event


Hargreaves Library Event


Showalter Hall or Hargreaves Library Projector Rental


Advanced Setup- Risers, Sound Shells and Monitors


Sound Check, Rehearsal, Special Load In etc.

$116.00 4 Hours

Simple Campus Event - Mobile Sound System

$206.00 4 Hours

Complex Campus Event - Advanced Mobile Sound System

$530.00 8 Hours

University Productions now offers high-quality Livestreaming and recording services for campus hybrid and virtual events.

Livestream Simple- One Camera, Basic Audio / Mic Feed

$122.00 2 Hours

Livestream Complex- Two Cameras, Advanced Audio Feed

$306.00 2 Hours

Recently, the auditorium has undergone extensive renovations and now features many state of the art upgrades such as:

  • A 32 channel Roland digital mixing board and digital snake
  • ETC Element light board
  • 24 ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal spot lights, 18 Fresnel floodlights, 18 ETC Colorsource Par LED's, 4 Chauvet Rogue 1 spot moving heads and 6 Altman Cyc LED's.

  • Lycian Midget Follow Spot
  • New PA speakers and sub-woofers
  • Full audio back line of monitors, microphones, DI boxes and stands capable of supporting large music groups
    • 26 foot, rear projection movie screen with HD Panasonic projector
    • New carpet
    • New stage risers