What: Goalball is the most popular team sport for the blind and visually impaired. Goalball has since become the premier team sport for blind athletes and is played competitively in 112 countries. In goalball, two teams of three players each face each other across a court that is nine meters wide and 18 meters long. The object of the game is to roll a basketball size ball with bells inside over the opponent’s goal line. Your opponents listen for the oncoming ball and attempt to block it with their bodies. Once they are able to stop the ball and take control of it, they become the offensive team.

Who: Goalball leagues and tournaments are for all EWU students, staff, and faculty, regardless of visual impairment. There is a chance to form a Goalball club, and compete against local teams, as well as intercollegiate competition. The sport does involve a moderate level of physical activity. 

When: Check the EWU’s Intramural Sports league schedule to see upcoming opportunities to get involved. We will be hosting a quarterly exhibition for those who are interested in learning more about the sport.

Where: Competitions are hosted in Gym 264 and 265. 

How: Register for upcoming events on IMleagues.com. All leagues and tournaments are no cost. Special competitions can be scheduled at student request by contacting Chris Hoppe, at choppe08@ewu.edu