Eastern Washington University is slowly rebuilding its Group Exercise program. We are excited to begin offering safe, effective and motivating classes for the EWU community! 

Group Exercise encompasses many different activities (choreographed or non-choreographed) led by a certified instructor. Classes may include aerobics (step, floor), mind-body (yoga) or specialty (kickboxing, core, specialty resistance training) classes. Classes will be developed towards training the five health related components of physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition).

Class Descriptions

How to Get Invovled


  1. Register for any of the PHED 125 1 Credit Group Exercise options.
  2. Download the course syllabus (found on Canvas).
  3. Complete participant data paperwork (You can download this paperwork from Canvas or by clicking here, but it is also provided at the GX Front Desk - your choice). Please bring completed paperwork to your first Group Exercise class.
  4. Show up to class and have fun!


  1. Must have current Eagle Card.  Non-students need to purchase SRC/URC users card at the URC Skate Desk.
  2. Pay non-credit fees at URC Customer Service Desk ($46/quarter).
  3. Bring receipt to first Group Exercise class attended.  Have completed participant data paperwork prior to working out (download by clicking here).
  4. Show up to class and have fun!

Useful Information

ALL participants (credit and non-credit) are required to bring their Eagle ID card to class and are required to scan in the computer or sign the attendance book at every class. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All classes are 50-60 minutes.
Courses are attendance-based, and require participation. Students are expected to participate fully in the class.
Classes begin the first day of the quarter and are cancelled on University holidays.

Up to 2 visits per day of any class will be counted for credit.

Refund Policy - You can receive a full refund if no classes are attended.  However, no refund will be given if any classes are attended, period.