World Relief

Student Contributor -A Heredia
World Relief is a global organization that works to combat our world’s refugee crisis. Millions of people in our world are displaced and living outside of their countries in need of safety. World Relief works to support these people as they rebuild their lives in new places like Spokane, WA.

Refugees often come to us having faced persecution for their beliefs and war. They leave behind all that they know and come to us seeking safety and freedom. When they arrive, they come with little and often do not speak English. Refugees receive support for three to six months as they resettle in the United States and make our home theirs. During this time, they may begin the process of learning English, citizenship classes, and employment in our community. Through local churches and other community organizations World Relief has helped resettle over 10,000 people from over 50 countries in the Spokane community since 1990.

Donations and care kits are an excellent way that teachers and students alike can help make a difference in the lives of the incoming refugees to the Spokane area. Refugees often come to us with very little, care kits consist of household items that can help refugees start to rebuild their lives. Care Kit lists are available on the World Relief website and donations can be delivered to the World Relief facility in Spokane. Other ways to get involved are volunteer opportunities, these can be set up online through the website. Fundraisers are also a great way for schools to get involved, there is a donation page on the Spokane World Relief website that makes it easy to donate directly.

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