Panhandle Animal Shelter

Student Contributor -C. Orsi
Panhandle Animal Shelter helps provide homes for dogs and cats that need them. The shelter relies on donations and fundraising to take care of the animals. The majority of people working at this organizations are volunteers. Panhandle Animal Shelter’s mission statement is, “To create and support meaningful connections by enhancing the lives of dogs, cats and the people in our community who love them.”.

Panhandle animal shelter has a “No Kill” policy. This means that they will not euthanize an animal because it is not adopted with in a specific amount of time. The shelter partners with agencies that specialize with animals that are deaf, blind, etc. and sends them there to get the best possible care. Panhandle Animal Shelter also spays and neuters all incoming animals. This organization makes a difference by saving stray animals and giving them a home. It also brings the community together through fundraising. These fundraisers bring awareness to the community about ways to help and how they can get involved. Panhandle Animal Shelter represents how an animal shelter should function. The animals there are cared for with love, receive outside time, and are not thrown in cages.

Teachers can partner with this animal shelter by creating a project where students can create donation boxes. Students can access the Wishlist of the shelter and ask their community to donate these items. The teacher would track the donations the students bring into the classroom. After collecting donations around the community, the teacher would drop the items off at the shelter.

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