Hillyard Senior Center

Student Contributor -S. Burton
The mission of the Hillyard Senior Center is to create a philosophy and provide an environment which encourages seniors to keep an active mind and body. Programs are offered to challenge and stimulate seniors, promote good physical and mental health, and give a sense of well being and enthusiasm for life.

In society today senior citizens are often forgotten. They have accomplished and experienced so many things, yet as they become old their minds and bodies deteriorate. No longer are they as emersed in everyday life. The Hillyard Senior Center looks to combat this problem by creating an active engaging environment. Seniors interact with one other as they engage in actives, trips, classes, fitness etc. All aspects of a well-rounded active life are tried to be incorporated into the seniors’ lives. This organization focus on low-income seniors in their 70’s and above; meaning many do not have relatives able to visit every day. Staying physically active is very important to this population but it is equally as important to stay mentally fit. One aspect that is often forgotten is social interaction. Having youth that can connect with the seniors could be a tremendous benefit.

Students could go to the Hillyard Senior Center and interact with the seniors there. Participating in daily activities along side them, communicating while having fun together. Another possibility would be to go the organization and teach a lesson or read to the seniors. My last example is partnering with them for a holiday like easter. Seniors and students work together to create Easter baskets they can donate or sell. There are many ways that students and teachers could work with this organization. The importance of partnering with this group is getting the seniors active as well as allowing students to make connections about the past, how its shaped our future, and why our seniors are so valuable. This will allow students to be informed as they grow up, understanding that seniors need somebody to engage with just as much as everyone else will help them make beneficial changes in the future.

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