Family Promise

Student Contributor -D Dougherty
Family Promise has a goal of helping family homelessness. They are here to help create connections for homeless families in order to help with support networks for those in need. Their mission statement is one of changing from a cycle of survival to a cycle of transformation.

Family Promise helps others with local resources because sometimes it can be hard for people to even get to the resources that they need. Their large goals are prevention, shelter, and preparation for people who are soon to be homeless. Rental assistance and case management is a few ways that Family Promise helps prevent homelessness. Their emergency sheltering is there to help the homeless families with resources and hospitality so that they can focus more on getting a place to live again rather than having to worry about each individual day. For preparation, the goal is to help those who have successfully been able to fight their circumstances, remain stable.

Partnering with Family Promise could be a good way to get students to see that there is homelessness outside of what it typically expected. Often the belief is that homeless people are alone and don’t have support, but there is a large growing population of families with children that are suffering from the same issues. I think that some exposure to this side of Spokane could do good for everyone as we should be more aware of our hometown and how we can create positive change. With this organization, students could work on a food drive to help the organization, clothing drives, and much more.

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