Letter Writing to Soldiers

With my 2nd graders we wrote letters to new and deployed soldiers, first responders or veterans through the organization Operation Gratitude. They wrote letters of appreciation to the soldiers, facts about themselves, and questions in hopes to possibly receive a response from them. Once Students finished writing their letters they drew pictures to include with their letters and paracord bracelets that will be included in care packages for soldiers and first responders.

Trash Free Community

Before taking action, students will engage in a conversation about the importance of having a trash free earth while also discussing the Trash Free Earth Organization. The class will brainstorm together a large list of things they often see lying around on the ground that does not belong. Students will then work together as a class to walk along the perimeter of their school and pick up any garbage they see lying around. After completing this task, in groups, students will get to create a sign that encourages others to pick up their trash, and then hang them above all garbage cans in the school building.

Dog Toy Making

My 2nd grade students donated t-shirts that they no longer used at home, and together as a class we made dog toys to donate to the Spokane Humane Society. The students got to choose if they wanted to use short strips of t-shirts or long ones, to either make a toy for a big dog or a small one. Each student made two dog toys, because we had so many t-shirt donations, so we were able to donate about 50 dog toys.