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Student Contributor -A. Walker
Any Soldier® is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for others to show their support to service members overseas, especially for those who don’t normally receive anything. Although the organization was first started as a simple family effort in 2003 to support soldiers in one particular army unit, the organization garnered so much esteem that it received many requests to expand and will now aid any service member. Service members serve as points of contact representing a particular unit and provide information about their unit’s needs and wants. Those desiring to support Any Soldier’s® efforts can view the secure database and select who they want to support and how by choosing to send military boxes/care packages, letters, or through donating directly to the organization.

Any Soldier® provides a way for U.S. Citizens and others to show their support for U.S. service members overseas. This organization is unique because it provides a way for supporters to choose how and who they want to support. Any Soldier® takes out the need for any middleman and allows for support to be directly sent to service members. The contacts at Any Soldier® who represent larger units will ensure that service members in their units who don’t receive much mail (or any) are the first to receive packages or letters. Brian Horn, the soldier who was the catalyst for this organization’s start, shared on the website that this organization provides service members with hope and assurance that they are in fact cared for and loved. From donations Any Soldier® also provides support for wounded Marines, imports wheelchairs to crippled children, sends medical supplies to war zones, and much more.

The website for Any Soldier® is extensive and full of information. It is recommended that you thoroughly explore the website before deciding to partner with this organization by sending items overseas. Although I have included a contact person, all the information needed to support a service member through this organization is included on the website. This organization and it’s purpose was chosen because many of the students in my class have family members who have served and supporting service members is something that they are passionate about. In my class I first had a mini-lesson explaining the project (we chose to send both care packages and written letters accompanying them). Then I sent a parent letter home informing them of the project a few days before I introduced the website to students. I then introduced students to the website and showed them where to go to look for service members they would want to support. Each student was given a voting form I had created and they were able to use the website to choose their top three choices for who they’d want to support. I then reviewed the forms and choose the three service members who had received the most votes from our class. The students were engaged in this activity because they cared about the purpose and were given the opportunity to choose. I’d like to note it’s important to provide class time for students to research because many may be unable to access the website at home. The results were given to the class and another letter was sent to parents to inform them of who we’d be supporting and to provide a list of possible items that could be collected. Students were then given a little over two weeks to bring in collected items and write their letters. This was a great way for students to able to give back to their global community. They were able to demonstrate civic values like compassion, gratitude, respect, and provide encouragement to those who sacrifice so much to ensure our freedoms are protected.

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