Airway Heights Parks and Recreation

Student Contributor -E. Norby
The purpose of this organization is to provide fun, wholesome activities for the community to meet recreational interests. To maintain a healthy and safe environment by maintaining parks and public areas. To reach out and meets the needs of all who live in the community.

The Parks and Rec Dept in Airway Heights does a lot for the community. They build and maintain parks and hold events in the city hall for the public. They are friendly and try to reach out to and help as many people as they can. They are eager to meet people and see how they can interact with the community. A reason that they stand out as someone for teachers to partner with is that they actively look for ways to reach out to the children in the community. They hold after school programs for students and run sports throughout the year. They are currently building a new park that has all of the students in my class excited and it is truly amazing to see the effort that they are putting into this project.

-You can invite someone from the department to visit your classroom and share ways that the students can get involved.

-By going to their website, you can see the events coming up and ask if you and your students can help.

-You can go to a park with someone from the department and clean it up.

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