EWU ROTC Fighting Eagles Battalion Gets Off to A Fast Start to Winter Quarter 2019

This week, the Cadets from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) began Winter Quarter 2019.  After a three week holiday break the Cadets began the new quarter by taking an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).  The first two events of the APFT tests the Cadets on how many pushups and situps they can do in 2-minutes.  The final event is to run 2-miles as fast as possible to conclude the test.

EWU ROTC Cadet Sarah Mullen conducts the pushup event during the welcome back APFT.

EWU ROTC Cadet Tyler Bergman conducts the pushup event during the welcome back APFT.

EWU ROTC Cadets conduct the situp event during the welcome back APFT.

The rest of the week the Cadets conducted challenging physical training (PT) each morning to include over at Reese Court.

At Reese Court the Cadets conducted a stair workout by running up and down the stairs that extend around the basketball court.

On Thursday the Cadets conducted a welcome back lab to start off the 2019 Winter Quarter.  The lab was used to welcome returning Cadets and introduce new Cadets to the program.  During the lab, Cadets were introduced to their new platoons and squads and were able to meet their leadership.  To help facilitate getting know each other better, icebreaker exercises were conducted by each squad.  To help the freshman and sophomore Cadets, training was conducted to help them identify and then set a path on how each of them can achieve their goals this quarter.  Additional training was held for the junior Cadets on squad tactics.  This was a refresher course to prepare them to conduct future labs this quarter and the Winter Field Training Exercise (FTX) that focuses heavily on squad operations.

MS III Cadets review squad tactics.

At the end of lab, the Fighting Eagles Battalion held an award ceremony for Sergeant First Class (SFC) Jason Hennig.  SFC Hennig was awarded the Bronze de Fleury Medal.  The medal is awarded to Soldiers who have provided significant contributions to the Engineer branch.  Presentation of this medal is indicative of the respect and admiration that SFC Hennig has garnered from his superiors, peers and subordinates alike in the Engineer branch.

The EWU ROTC Professor of Military Science, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Stafford congratulates Sergeant First Class Jason Hennig.

Finally the Fighting Eagles Battalion’s, Assistant Professor of Military Science, Captain Nicholas Carbaugh was recognized for being selected for promotion to the rank of Major.  This is a significant achievement in Captain Carbaugh’s military career that is well deserved by a great officer.

All these events made for a busy and fantastic first week for the Fighting Eagles Battalion.  The Cadets have many more busy weeks to come with a total of 20 classes and ten leadership labs scheduled, a winter FTX, and a military dining out to execute.

Go Fighting Eags!

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