Mandatory Cadet Training

In addition to the ROTC class and lab series, contracted Cadets are required to complete the following events and training:

-Field Training Exercises (FTXs), usually one each term

-Unit physical fitness three times a week with a fitness test each term

-Annual social function

-Annual swim test and water survival (normally completed during fitness training or labs)

There are two summer leadership camps required, known as Basic Camp and Advance Camp. All other summer training is voluntary, and a Cadet must be selected for attendance.

Leadership Labs and FTX’s

Our program runs weekly leadership labs on Thursday afternoon. Once a term we conduct a 2-day field training exercise (FTX) in conjunction with a weekend. The LFT is a culmination of the entire term’s training, and each term the FTXs become more challenging and complex. All training is student-led and provides unique challenges, camaraderie, adventure, and a break from college life. In the fall, cadets learn the individual and team-level tasks to operate as a small unit. These tasks include first aid, marksmanship, communications, map reading, terrain analysis and land navigation. This training is mandatory for all contracted students and recommended for those seeking to contract.

Physical Fitness

Our physical training program meets at least three times a week from 0600-0730 to conduct physical fitness. The fitness training is required for all contracted students, but we encourage all students to attend.

Intramural Sports

ROTC Cadets also participate in many of the campus intramural sports programs.