Clery Travel Form

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) requires the University to report any crimes that occur on “non-campus geography.”  University personnel who are responsible for students on University-sponsored trips (both domestic and international) are considered “Campus Security Authorities” (CSAs) under the law, and are legally obligated to report those crimes.

What is non-campus property?

  • Non-campus property is property that is owned/controlled by EWU, used to further educational mission, frequented by students and not reasonably contiguous to main campus.

What does “owned/controlled” by the university mean?

  • EWU has control over a space when we have a written agreement con control that space
    • Emails, hotel receipts, informal written agreements count
    • Space arranged by a 3rd party counts if we control that space

How long do you have to stay to create non-campus property?

  • More than one night, or
  • Repeated use of the same location

What space do we control?

  • Hotel rooms, other lodging, classrooms, seminar rooms
  • Common areas used to access the space we control, including lobbies, elevators, hallways

EWU Police Department will request information from the location’s local law enforcement agency to determine required reporting of Clery Act crimes (occurring during the trip period and at the University arranged accommodation and/or related academic space).  Please fill out and submit this form for each trip taken.

Please submit this form AFTER your travel to ensure you have complete information, including specific rooms/suites occupied.  Please fill out separate forms for each location you stay on a team/group trip.  If you experience any criminal or emergency activity while on your trip, please report it immediately to EWU Police Department at (509) 359-7676. 

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Walters at (509) 359-6310 or

Campus Security Authority (CSA) Travel Report Form

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    If your group is staying at more than one lodging facility, please complete a separate from for EACH facility.
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    The University is required to collect and report crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies regarding certain non-campus lodging facilities or other controlled spaces where EWU students are housed or spaces they use during University sponsored overnight student travel. It is critical this information is provided by the CSAs who are traveling with students.

    We appreciate your time and effort to help the university comply with federal Clery requirements.