Report a Crime

You may report crimes through the EWU Tip Line (Anonymous) at 509.359.4286, the EWU Police Department at 509.359.6498, the Crime Check Line at 509.359.7676, or by submitting the information below.  The reports submitted on this form are not monitored 24/7: IN AN EMERGENCY DIAL 911.

It is our practice to not attempt to trace the origin of the person submitting this form, unless it is deemed necessary for public safety. If an investigator needs to contact you for a follow-up on the information you provide, you may still remain anonymous, but it will aid the investigator to discuss the information in more detail.

Please provide information on the suspect (ie. name, address, physical description), dates and time of the crime, etc. Explain how you know the crime occurred. Do you know if the crime has already been reported?  Provide as much detail as possible.

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