Officer Building


The Adopt-A-Cop program was developed as a means to establish a rapport between the University Police Department and the student population.  Generally, Adopt-A-Cop officers engage in such activities as giving various presentations to the students and educating them on important issues.  Adopt-A-Cop presentations cover a range of topics including personal safety, drug and alcohol awareness, sexual assault awareness, and self defense classes.  This involvement establishes a rapport and provides a visible role model to students.

Below are assignment of officers to residence halls:

Residence HallOfficer
Louise Anderson HallVillasano, Schmitter
Pearce HallKarlis, Erickson
snyamncut HallDouthitt, Wier
Streeter HallBickley, Peck

Administrative Building Assignments

Officers are also assigned to academic and administrative buildings:

Arts Complex (Arts, Music, Communications, R-TV and Theatre)Schmitter
Computing & Engineering, Cadet Hall and Cheney HallKarlis
Science Building, JFK Library and Jim Thorpe FieldhouseEwen
Red BarnDay
Monroe Hall and Indian Education CenterVillasano
Huston Hall and Sutton HallPeck
Martin Hall and Williamson HallBickley
Kingston Hall, Senior Hall, Showalter HallErickson
Patterson Hall, Tawanka Hall, and Hargreaves HallGerard
Archives Building, EWU Children's Center and Isle HallWier