EWU McNair Scholars Receive Grants, Awards, Honors

Parke Cyphers Murphy Grants etcCongratulations to EWU McNair Scholars Kelly Parke, tommyboiZ, and Richard Murphy! All three have been awarded grants, scholarships, and other honors.

Kelly Parke received the Jeffers Chertok Memorial Scholarship for academic year 2023-2024 from the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Kelly was nominated by Dr. Michael Zukosky in Anthropology.

The Jeffers Chertok Memorial Scholarship in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences is a marquee scholarship for our institution.  Faculty within our College were asked to nominate students for this scholarship.

Kelly was honored June 15 in the CAHSS Dean’s Office Awards for Excellence reception. For her 2023 Summer Research Internship, Kelly will be working with Dr. Ryan Parrey to research the effects of everyday ableist encounters and how they shape the lives of disabled people.

tommyboiZ received a grant from EWU to continue their studies. This summer, tommyboiZ will continue their research on Epistemic injustice and Elimination of Bias with faculty mentor Dr. A. Suzie Henning.

Richard Murphy received the Washington Bridge Grant, a separate grant from EWU, and was unanimously voted President of the International Affairs Community. In 2023, under the mentorship of Professor Tom Hawley, PhD, Richard plans to continue his ongoing research from 2022 on the phenomena of societal internalization of Neoliberalism, and the societal consequences of establishing competitive markets in historically non-marketed realms of our lives.

We are so glad to see our scholars honored for their persistence and excellence!

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