Thomas Cyphers

tommyboiZ Photo

tommyboiZ (they/them/their) is a transfer student at Eastern Washington University, double majoring in Philosophy and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. They transferred from Spokane Community College after completing their AA-DTA for business. tommy has a plethora of scholarly interests which culminate into a unique holistic approach that emphasizes unity through understanding difference. With a focus towards community knowledge production at the local level tommy’s primary research goal is to rearticulate the stories of these communities in a way that recognizes difference while simultaneously allowing for incorporation of these differences into the heterogeneous whole. For their 2022 Summer Research Internship they worked with EWU Faculty Mentor Dr. Christopher Kirby. In 2023, they will be working with Dr. A. Suzie Henning.

2023 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. A. Suzie Henning

2022 EWU Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Christopher Kirby

Research Title: Epistemic injustice and Elimination of Bias