Travel Requirements for Groups

Travel Requirements for Groups

Office of Controller - Travel Accounting

Travel Requirements for Groups

Group travel occurs when a group of students or non-employees, with the same travel purpose and travel destination, travel as a unit. The term group travel does not apply when two or more employees have the same travel purpose or travel destination (as each employee needs to complete a separate travel authorization form). However, the group sponsor may submit one TA form when multiple employees accompany the group of students or non-employees and all expenses are paid by and reimbursed to the sponsor. If this section is silent on any situation occurring with group travel, the travel policies and procedures for employees apply. Any other non-employee travel is processed through the Purchasing Office.

1. A university employee (permanent, non-student) is designated as the group leader. This group leader coordinates travel arrangements including the preparation of the travel authorization form and securing the necessary approvals by the supervisor and the budget authority. The group leader's name shall be indicated along with the number of students whether or not they travel with the group.

2. A travel advance for group travel is authorized under the same purpose of and limitations on travel advances as for employees. The group leader obtains and accounts for travel advances. Any default in accounting for the travel advance will be handled in the same manner as employees.

3. Basis for reimbursement for subsistence and lodging costs is not to exceed those costs specified for employees. However, the 3-hour rule does not apply. Subsistence rates (for meals) are found in the State Administrative and Accounting Manual.

4. Receipts are required for all subsistence expenses. The receipt will be in the form of an official receipt from the vendor or a completed group travel roster and receipt form.

If students are provided meals as a non-unit, a group travel roster shall be completed. The amount disbursed to students for meals is not to exceed the total allowable subsistence for that meal. Each student must sign the group travel roster indicating the dollar amount received. This cost shall be noted on the travel authorization form and the group travel roster and receipt form shall be attached to the travel expense voucher.

If students are provided meals as a unit, the total costs of meals (including tax and gratuity, if any) shall not exceed the total daily allowable subsistence in combination with other meals for that day. The group leader shall pay for the meals and secure an official receipt. This receipt must detail the cost plus any tax or gratuity. This receipt will support the expense on the travel expense voucher. The group sponsor and any other employees accompanying the group shall receive the daily meal rate rather than the per meal allowance.

5. Official receipts for lodging costs shall be in sufficient detail to determine the room cost plus taxes for the students in the group.

6. Traveler's checks may be purchased by the group leader from the travel advance. The fee for the purchase of those checks is an allowable expense and should be indicated in the detail of other miscellaneous travel expenses section of the travel expense voucher. Attach the receipt for this fee to the travel expense voucher.