Payment Plans


Most full-time and part-time students enrolled in a credit-based program are eligible to enroll in a payment plan.

Exceptions to this include Running Start students, College in the High School students, and International students.

Eligibility for enrollment in a payment plan for the current term requires students to have a zero account balance for all prior terms.


  • Enrollment in a payment plan must be completed online using your MyEWU account.
  • Enrollment occurs on a per-term basis at the beginning of each term. Students enrolled in a payment plan for a term will not automatically be enrolled in a payment plan for the following term.
  • A $40.00 non-refundable service fee must be paid each term at the time of enrolling in the payment plan.
  • Enrollment is open until the day before the 2nd installment is due.  If you have not enrolled in the payment plan by the day before the 2nd installment is due, you will be ineligible to participate in the payment plan for that term.
  • After enrolling in the payment plan you will receive an acceptance notice in your EWU email account confirming the terms and conditions of the plan.

Payment Plan Enrollment Instructions


Payments will be divided into a maximum of three equal installments, which will include all applicable charges accrued for the term.


The first installment payment is due on the sixth class day of the term.  The second and third payments will be due on the same calendar day of the month over the next two months (or next business day) as in the following example:

  • Fall quarter – Sep 27, Oct 27, Nov 27
  • Winter quarter – Jan 16, Feb 16, Mar 16
  • Spring quarter – Apr 8, May 8, Jun 8
  • Summer quarter - Jun 28 and Jul 28



  • Fall semester - Aug 28, Sep 28, Oct 28
  • Spring semester - Jan 16, Feb 16, Mar 16
  • Summer semester - May 13, Jun 13, July 13


*Exact due dates for quarter and semester students each year will be available on the Student Financial Services website.

If charges included in the plan are reversed, reduced, or added, the remaining installment payments may be adjusted to reflect the changes.

All payments must be made by the due date through one of the following options:

  • Online, through your MyEWU account, with your credit/debit card, or your checking or savings account. Payments made with credit and debit cards will be assessed a convenience fee.
  • In person, Cashiers window (by 4:30 PM, cash and check only)
  • By mail, send to:
    Student Financial Services
    202 Sutton Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004-2448 (check only, must be received by due date)


A payment received 5 days after the due date will be considered late and the account will be assessed a late fee of $20.00.

Two unpaid installments or a remaining balance at the end of the plan period will result in the cancellation of the payment plan and future enrollment in the payment plan may be denied.


We want all eligible students to experience the benefits provided by enrolling in a payment plan.

Eligible students will have the opportunity to enroll in a payment plan at the beginning of each term by promptly making full installment payments according to the payment schedule provided upon enrollment in a payment plan.

Student Financial Services may disenroll you from current and future payment plans if you fail to meet the requirements of the plan. Upon disenrollment the account balance is due in full.

Any unpaid balance on your account will be subject to EWU’s collection procedures for collecting past due balances.

For questions, please call Student Financial Services at (509) 359-6372