Frequently Asked Questions

Eastern Washington University has converted to e-bills.Paper invoices will no longer be mailed to enrolled students.

E-billing is an electronic form of billing that was adopted by Eastern Washington University beginning fall quarter 2007. All current enrolled students will have access to their e-bill a week before the beginning of each quarter and on the 15th of each month if there is a residual balance due.  The e-bill is accessed through EagleNet and is formatted so it can easily be printed, saved, or e-mailed to parents or other payers.

All tuition and fees, housing and dining, overdue parking tickets, administrative, and other miscellaneous charges will be reflected on your e-bill.

Log into EagleNet and navigate to the Statement and Payment History tab.

Students or parents may pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check, cash, traveler’s check, cashier’s check, or money order. Please do not mail in cash payments. Payments made with credit and debit cards will be charged a 2.85% convenience fee.

Tuition and fees are due the 6th class day of the quarter. If the charges are not paid a $75 late fee will be assessed ($112.50 for semesters). Accounts with past due balances will have holds placed preventing future registration activity. Summer quarter tuition is due on the 1st day of the quarter, or the first day of your session.

If you would like someone, “a third party”, such as your parent(s), to have access to information contained in your student record, an ROI may be the right choice for you. By filling out the Release of Information (ROI) form, you give the University permission to discuss information from your student record with the person you identify on the form. Please give the person you identify on the form your EWU id to use when they are requesting information. To complete a release of information form, visit Student Financial Services on the 2nd floor of Sutton Hall.

Mail, fax, or bring in your 3rd party voucher to the Student Financial Services office.

Yes. Aid will be applied to all authorized charges on the student account, and then excess funds will be refunded.

Financial aid award notifications are generally mailed to students from the Financial Aid office prior to the start of the quarter. A copy of your award notice can be retrieved on EagleNet. The Student Financial Services office refunds the excess financial aid to students once all of the tracking requirements have been satisfied. If you have questions about your award notification contact the Financial Aid office at (509) 359-2314.  If your refund has been generated you can view your refund amount on EagleNet under Account Detail by Term.

At the beginning of each quarter financial aid checks will be mailed out the first day of the quarter. Students that have direct deposit will have the money in their account on the first day of the quarter if their financial aid funds were disbursed at least three days before the quarter begins.

The first thing to check is your EagleNet account to ensure the refund has been created. If you believe your check has been lost there is a five day waiting period after the check has been sent before an affidavit of lost or destroyed check can be filed. If the refund was sent by direct deposit to a closed account contact Student Financial Services at (509) 359-6372.

Visit Student Financial Services in 2nd floor of Sutton Hall, e-mail your request to , or call (509) 359-6372. If the credit on your student account was a result of dropped classes a delay in the refund may occur to allow time for return to title IV processing for financial aid students.

There are two ways to sign up for Direct Deposit.  You can download this form and turn it into Student Financial Services with a voided check, or log into EagleNET to enter the information yourself.

To sign up for Direct Deposit log into your EagleNET account.  You will need to provide your bank routing number and account number.  Go to the Student tab, Student Account, and then select View/Update Direct Deposit Information.  You will be given the option to use the Financial Aid direct deposit information to set up direct deposit for Work Study/Student Employment.  Every time you make a change you must accept the terms and conditions.

The account verification process will take 4-5 days.  If a refund is processed while your account is in Pre-note status it will be generated as a check.  Any time you make a change to your online Direct Deposit information you will receive an e-mail notification confirming that a change has been initiated through EagleNET.

If you have previously set up direct deposit with Student Financial Services then your refund will go directly into your bank account. If you do not have direct deposit the address hierarchy will be as follows: 1st residential hall or EWU apartment; 2nd mailing; 3rd billing; 4th permanent; 5th parents.

Financial holds are placed on accounts with past due balances which prevent registration activity. To have the holds removed simply log into EagleNet and pay the past due balance, the hold will be automatically removed within 15 minutes.

A negative balance indicates a credit on your student account. If the credit is from a financial aid disbursement, the money will be automatically refunded to you. If the credit is from an overpayment or drop in classes you can request a refund by calling 509-359-6372 or e-mailing your request to

Log into your EagleNET account, go to Pay My Bill, select a Term, and then select Make a Payment on the bottom of your screen. A new window will open up redirecting you to our payment site. Select Pay Bill or Optional Charges.  If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, you will be charged an additional 2.85% convenience fee.

After you select to “Pay” the balance, you can choose to “Edit” the payment amount you put into your shopping cart. You cannot pay more than the balance owing on the account.