Student Contributor -R. Boruff
WIRES is an organization that centers around caring, preserving, and rescuing wildlife. They have been doing this for over 30 years as the largest wildlife rescue organization in Australia. They are involved in more than 90,000 rescues per year.

WIRES is involved in projects that protect the wildlife of Australia. They answer phone calls and reports as well as provide care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals. Many of the animals are struggling with the rapid spread of fires throughout the continent. These creatures are having a hard time locating food, water, and habitats. This organization is constantly finding ways to help the animals affected by this disaster. Those who are involved with this organization receive special trainings on how to rescue the wildlife. There is information about vet treatment offered by this organization. They also give training courses for volunteers and professionals. Some of these include advanced species and providing care. They even offer one for the community as an introduction to Australian wildlife.

The fires in Australia have been devastating. Currently, the animals are without resources and shelter. One way that the students can help is by creating housing for these creatures. They can knit or crochet nests for the wildlife. This would be a project for older elementary grades and above because it does require more effort. There are patterns on the website that give the specific directions and requirements of the nests. As a class project, the students could each use a loom, crochet hook, or knitting needles. When they are finished, the final products can be sent to WIRES.

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