Shriners Hospital

Student Contributor -H. Ellis
The purpose of the organization is to provide compassionate and innovative care, conduct research, and offer educational opportunities. Shriners Children’s is a hospital that provides personalized care to children all over the world. They do this by achieving their purpose as stated above.

This organization makes a difference by helping children all around the world who have diseases that are difficult to diagnose, but once they are diagnosed to the best of the doctors’ knowledge, the organization works tirelessly to find a cure for each and every disease. In the meantime, they do everything in their power to lessen the pain and suffering of these children, as well as their families. Teachers should consider partnering with them because not only can they and their students make a tremendous impact on the patients at Shriners, but this provides a lesson in humility and caring for others for the students, having a great dual purpose.

Teachers and students could partner with Shriners in so many different ways. One way that is super fun and meaningful for both the students participating and the patients receiving, is making friendship bracelets. This brings out a little bit of creativity in the students and would brighten the day of any child to receive it. Who doesn’t love receiving something as special as a friendship bracelet? There are so many art projects that students could do and donate to the hospital; the list is endless.

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