River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary

Student Contributor -M. Murock
River’s Wish Sanctuary is an entirely volunteer-run sanctuary that houses abused, neglected, and forgotten animals. They care for animals such as rabbits, horses, burros, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigs, dogs, and cats. Animals receive lifelong care here, although some become adopted to the right homes.

River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary provides lifelong care to animals, meaning that once animals arrive, they usually live out the rest of their lives there. They are 100% a donation funded organization, with all donations going to the care of the animals. Their mission is to provide care for animals, provide education concerning kind and compassionate lifestyle choices to animals, and to adhere to the House Rabbit Society philosophy on adopting rabbits to loving homes.

Since the sanctuary is donation run, teachers can organize a food drive for students to donate to. The sanctuary also does provide tours if teachers are interested in touring with their class after donating. The sanctuary has a wish list with items they need, so students can try to donate these specific items as well.

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