Cheney Parks and Rec

Student Contributor -C.Lamunyan
Provide, promote, and coordinate park maintenance as well as recreational and cultural opportunities in a safe and healthy environment for the benefit and enjoyment of the Cheney community.

Cheney Parks and Rec not only help the Cheney community by keeping parks clean but also helping children grow and succeed in the Cheney ECHO program. These kids come from all different backgrounds and seeing them connect over our community was amazing to watch and be a part of. Cheney Parks and Rec does amazing things for the community and has so many activities they do for the community every day. I highly suggest this organization to partner with for just about any kind of project they really have all the demographics as well as being in a perfect location.

I would just go into the Parks and Rec building and either talk to Leslie or to Kelly about opportunities either they have available for you to give back or bring an idea you have and see what they can help you with.

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