Art Salvage Spokane

Student Contributor -H. Rayburn
Art Salvage Spokane seeks to promote reuse and creativity for students, teachers, artists, crafters and makers of all ages. This organization educates and inspires innovative creative reuse and sustainability in our local communities. To accomplish this, Art Salvage Spokane takes donations of all sorts of materials and reuses them for creative projects that anyone and everyone can participate in.

Art Salvage Spokane is based on the idea of diverting waste and educating the community. By using donated and recycled materials, this organization is reducing items that would go to waste. Art Salvage is then using those donated materials to teach classes and provide the community with a creative an innovative outlet. This organization puts together a calendar of different projects for the community to attend and create. This gives the community an opportunity they may not have anywhere else. This provides a safe, educational environment for the community to explore their passions.

Students could choose (or potentially create their own project idea for the organization to implement) and hold a material drive specified to that project. All the materials could then get donated. For the students to be able to see the impact that was made, the teacher could collect images of the projects made with their materials to show the students.

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