Located on the southern end on the main level of the Sports and Recreation Center, the "Jim Thorpe" Fieldhouse is an open-use and scheduled-use area that provides space for physical activity classes, varsity athletic practices, intramural activities, open activity time, ROTC, camps and special events.  With nearly 41,000 square feet of space, this unique facility can be configured for a multitude of sport and recreational activities.  Movable bleachers allow for spectating during competitions.

The "Jim Thorpe" Fieldhouse is named in honor of Jim Thorpe (1888-1953).  Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, Jim Thorpe won Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon. He was also a standout athlete in professional football, baseball and basketball.

Fieldhouse Schedule

For scheduling information please contact (509)359-6357