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Slide One: PLUS Tutoring with Irie Browning! Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00am-12:00pm in Hargreaves Hall 015

Slide Two: Title: Apply for accommodations. Image description: A grey background with text stating “Is a disability impacting your educational experience? Apply for accommodations! Examples of qualifying disabilities can include: Learning disabilities, Mobility impairments, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety,Depression, PTSD, Concussion, Fractures/sprains, Seizure disorders, Eating disorders, Visual/hearing impairments, Autoimmune diseases, Autism spectrum disorder, Pregnancy.* *Pregnancy is not a disability.”

Slide Three: Title: Connect with support services. Text reads: Are outside life circumstances impacting your education? We are here for you! Fill out a support services intake form. Examples of circumstances can include: the death of a loved one, sudden medical/life issues, recent traumatic events, financial insecurity, food insecurity, mental health concerns, social or belonging concerns, natural disaster, victim of a crime.

Slide Four: Support for EWU Students with Autism! If you identify as autistic and are interested in finding support and community, contact Heidi Hillman at

Disability Parking Services

Students in need of additional information for both temporary and long-term parking permits can visit the Parking Office’s website by clicking the link below.

Helpful Links

This is a compilation of links and resources helpful to students with disabilities.

Employment Accommodations

Human Resources provides accommodations for all employees, including work study and hourly student workers. SASS handles academic internships, practicum, or other for-credit positions.

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