Student Accommodations Rights and Responsiblities

Student Acommodation Rights

1. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, EWU students with a documented disability have a right to "reasonable accommodations" which provides an "equal opportunity" to participate in all programs of the university if they are "otherwise qualified" for the program. Student Accommodations and Support Services staff, instructors, other university personnel, and the students work together to determine and provide appropriate accommodations.

2. EWU students with a disability have the right to fair and equal treatment by instructors and other university personnel in receiving appropriate accommodations.

3. EWU students with a disability have a right to participate in the determination of appropriate accommodations for themselves with the SASS staff.

4. EWU students with a disability have the right to appeal decisions made concerning what accommodations are appropriate for them.

5. EWU students with a disability have a right to report discrimination on the basis of their disability to the SASS Director/ADA Compliance Officer and/or the U.S. Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Information re: OCR can be obtained from the SASS Office.

Student Accommodations - Responsibilities of Students

1. Students have the responsibility to meet with the SASS staff and with their instructors to arrange appropriate accommodations.

2. Students must provide written documentation of their disability from a professional services provider to SASS to obtain services. This documentation must describe the disability, provide results and interpretation of tests performed (if appropriate), describe any limitations the student may experience in the educational/college life setting and provide suggestions for reasonable accommodation.

3. Students are responsible for scheduling services in advance according to the SASS procedures established for those services.

4. Students have the responsibility to remind instructors of pre-arranged testing accommodations in SASS Office to ensure that tests will be delivered and picked up with instructions.

5. Students scheduled to complete tests in the SASS Office are responsible for scheduling a testing time five days in advance with SASS staff.

6. If completing a test in the SASS Office, students must be on time. If the student is later than 10 mins. to take a test, it may result in loss of testing space.

7. Students must return all equipment and materials checked out from SASS at the end of the current quarter before leaving campus. Failure to return borrowed equipment will result in the loss of the right to use the services.

8. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with all SASS policies and procedures.


Please visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities  and EWU Student Conduct Code.