Requesting Reasonable Accommodations

  1. Student must be admitted and/or enrolled to EWU. This does not prohibit potential students from requesting information on programs, services, and activities.
  2. Student is responsible for initiating contact with the Student Accommodations and Support Services (SASS) office. To register with SASS, please complete the three steps mentioned below.
  3. The University encourages students to apply for funding through resource agencies that assist specific disabilities.

Steps to Register for Medical Accommodations at EWU:

Step 1) Complete the Accommodation Application 

Complete the SASS Accommodation Application. If you are a newly admitted student to EWU, please make sure your Student Email Account is setup with the university before completing the application, otherwise our system will not allow you to submit your application. To setup your email account, you will need to activate your NetID. When your NetID has been activated your student email account will be activated automatically. It usually takes 24-48 hours to setup your email account. Please click here to activate your NetID.

Step 2) Submit Documentation

Once you have submitted your Accommodation Application, you will be prompted to upload your documentation from a professional service provider. If you do not have your documentation ready to upload, don’t worry, you can complete this step later. When you submit your Accommodation Application, you will receive an email with a link to upload your documentation at a later time.

Step 3) Schedule an Intake Appointment

When you have completed your Accommodation Application and submitted documentation from a professional service provider, our office will review the information you submitted. If your documentation meets our guidelines, you will receive an email notifying you that it’s time to schedule an intake appointment. If further documentation or information is needed, our office will notify you via email.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the SASS office at (509) 359-6871 or to speak with a front desk staff or to schedule an intake appointment. You can also click the button below to be redirected to our New to EWU Accommodations Tutorial videos.

Arranging for Accommodations – Student Process

Students with disabilities or suspected disabilities will need to complete the SASS registration process by following the Steps to Register with Student Accommodations and Support Services. Once the student has completed the Accommodation Application and submitted documentation to the SASS office, the student will then schedule an intake appointment to meet with an Accommodation Specialist (SASS Advisor).

During the intake meeting, the SASS Accommodation Specialist determines how the disability impacts the academic work of the student. This is accomplished through discussion with the student and review of documentation. Students with insufficient documentation may be referred to physicians, psychologists or other qualified diagnosticians for complete assessment before accommodations are granted.

After the disability and its functional limitations are verified, SASS provides information about the various reasonable accommodations which address the student’s functional limitations.

The student then chooses the reasonable accommodations that best apply to them. Frequently, students arrange follow-up meetings with the Accommodation Specialist to assist with ongoing problem solving.

Once the student has been officially assigned accommodations, the student will need to login to MyDSS Student Portal to request accommodations per class, per term. When a student completes an accommodation request through MyDSS for an specific course, the faculty will receive a notification letter via email.

It is the responsibility of the student to meet with the professor and discuss accommodations, even if a notification letter has been sent to the faculty.

A student can identify with SASS at any time during a quarter, if this happens, the student still needs to meet with each professor to arrange accommodations.

Documentation Requirements

  1. Student is responsible for providing documentation from a professional service provider (doctor, therapist, e.g.) that includes a description of the disability such as diagnoses, names and results of tests administered (if appropriate), effect of the disability on students access to university programs, services, and activities, and suggestions for specific accommodations that would provide equal access to University programs, services, and activities. Documentation must also include the provider’s name/signature with their credentials and the student’s name.
  2. Documentation is kept in student’s confidential file in the Student Accommodations and Support Services Office and diagnosis is subject to verification by the University.