Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC’s Cadet Hall


This picture shows Cadet Hall from the 1950s or earlier 1960s.  The doors pictured is still the main entrance into Cadet Hall today.  The double pullup bars in front of the building are still in place and regularly used by Cadets.  However, the large grass field where this picture was taken no longer exists.  This is because the Computing and Engineering Science Building was built over the field back in 2005.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: EWU ROTC’s Cadet Hall”

  1. The Army sent me to Eastern in 1975 for grad school with follow-on ROTC duty. I was ‘teaching’ in ’76-’77 when we lost the adjacent (?) old, totally destroyed, field house to fire. I don’t remember how much of the pictured hall was damaged. But our ROTC offices and admin were moved for a few years to the then relatively new HPE building across the street.

    The class of ’78 had a reunion last summer. Much fun talking about those good ‘ol days. Amazing how my young, eager cadets had morphed into old retired colonels…made me proud….

    I missed Ferris HS’s current I Corps boss, 3 star Gary Volesky, by days. He showed in ’79, and I showed at CGSC.

    HOO AH !!

    • Mick, you old War Horse! You were on the Cadre when I started. Years later, I was on the Cadre at Gonzaga, and promoted to Major, and you surprised me at my promotion party!

      Hope this finds you well, and if you are in the Spokane area, look me up.

  2. The picture is from well before 82. I started in Fall 78, and EWSC had become EWU in 77, and that sign on the building was not there.


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