“Fighting Eagles” Cadets Complete Final Land Navigation Lab of the Fall Quarter

By: Cadet Austin Bristow

On October 31st, the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) “Fighting Eagles” battalion conducted its third and final land navigation course for preparation for the upcoming Expert Fighting Eagle Badge test. The land navigation course was meant to be significantly more difficult than past lessons so leadership could assess the Cadets land navigation skills. In order to make the course more difficult, Cadets were encouraged to work alone so they could see where they are truly at. The course also had points significantly farther apart from one another so Cadets were forced to put more thought into planning a route.

Land Navigation Picture
Cadet James Dutton (left) plots points and Cadet Ian House (right) explains the course to other Fighting Eagles Cadets.

Cadets were truly put to the test. Many Cadets were seen using various land navigation fundamentals to change their route to the next point or just making sure they are at the point in accordance to the map. When asked about how the course was compared to previous ones, Cadet Caleb Bullard said, “This one was a real challenge, it felt more like a test rather than a lesson.”  Bullard also said, “I had a rough time, but was happy to see what I needed to work on.”

Land Navigation Picture
EWU Army ROTC Nursing Cadets, Jennafer Knight (left) and Kaylie Watters (right) conduct the land navigation course.

When the land navigation course ended a contracting ceremony was held for Cadet Crystal Cruz.  By contracting, Cadet Cruz after graduation will commission as Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.  As a contracted Cadet, she will also receive a $420 a month stipend and a $5,000 bonus for completing ROTC Basic Camp this past summer.   We are so excited for Cadet Cruz and her future in the United States Army!

Cruz contracting
Cadet Crystal Cruz contracts into the U.S. Army. Retired Army Major, Rob Riedel gives the Oath of Enlistment to Cadet Cruz.

Go Fighting Eags!

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