EWU ROTC Battalion Sponsors German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge Testing

The Eastern 24/7 website just ran a great article about the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (GAFPB) testing going on this weekend, 17-18 November 2018 at Eastern Washington University:

Cadet Sam Coutts briefs Cadets before conducting swim test training at the EWU Pool.

On the weekend of Nov. 17-18, service members from locations across the Pacific Northwest will be competing at Eastern Washington University for an award deemed highly sought-after by the United States military.

The German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge is a decoration that can be awarded to soldiers of all ranks, provided they pass a series of rigorous tests meant to challenge physical endurance and military training.  [Eastern 24/7]

You can read the whole article at the link, but hosting the GAFPB testing at EWU is very rare opportunity for Cadets and servicemembers alike to be awarded a foreign military badge that they will be authorized to wear on their uniforms.  It is expected that 160+, Cadets, active duty personnel, National Guard, and Reservists will participate in the test.  For those that past each event, based on their score, they will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze badge from the German Army Sergeant Major the EWU ROTC battalion is flying out to evaluate the event.

For those interested in watching the event and cheering on the competitors the schedule is below.  All the swim events will be in the EWU pool and the athletic events will be in the field house.  Strip maps will be available for anyone that wants to drive out to where the pistol qualification is happening.  The testing will be going on all day on Saturday.  The footmarch on Sunday will be on a course that goes around the university campus.  This a great opportunity to cheer on the competitors that morning.  It is going to be a great event that I hope friends, family, and alumni of the EWU ROTC Fighting Eagle Battalion take time to come and visit.

2018 EWU ROTC GAFPB Testing Schedule


  • 0700: Welcome Brief and chalk breakdown
  • 0730-1700: Swim Test, Basic Fitness Test, and pistol qualification


  • 0800: Footmarch Brief
  • 0830-1100: Footmarch
  • 1200: Awards Ceremony
  • 1300: Catered Meal

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    • LT – There was a German officer assigned to I Corps at JBLM previously and that’s how we were able to test for the GAFPB. That German officer has since rotated out and we’re searching for alternatives. -LTC Van Meter


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