Eastern Washington University ROTC Graduates: 2010 – 2019

Below are the graduates from the Eastern Washington University (EWU) Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) battalion from 2010 – 2019. This list is compiled from the records we were able to find here at the university.  To help make this list as accurate as possible we request that alumni send in any corrections or additions for this list via our contact page or by leaving a comment below.  Go Fighting Eags!

2019Bent, HaleyMilitary IntelligenceActive Duty
2019Bergman, TylerOrdnanceActive Duty
2019Hinshaw, ScottInfantryActive Duty
2019Howard, JohnTransportationActive Duty
2019Isaacson, KyleField ArtilleryActive Duty
2019Johnson, JordanAdjutant General CorpsActive Duty
2019Madriaga, CandaceNurse CorpsActive Duty
2019Primm, HayleyNurse CorpsActive Duty
2019Roylance, TylerTransportationActive Duty
2019Smith, RyanQuartermasterArmy Reserve
2019Stanton, BryceInfantryActive Duty
2019Stanton, KyleInfantryActive Duty
2018Cruz, NicholasNurse CorpsArmy Reserves
2018Flores-moreno, RafaelInfantryActive Duty
2018Jeatsa, AdelpheOrdnanceActive Duty
2018Roberts, MahliekMilitary PoliceActive Duty
2018Troutt, RebeccaMedical ServiceNational Guard
2017Binksriddle, KobyNurse CorpsArmy Reserves
2017Espinoza, KarlaActive Duty
2017Falealili, VioletArmy Reserves
2017Jones, JamaalNurse CorpsActive Duty
2017Landoe, AlexandraActive Duty
2017Landoe, RichmondActive Duty
2017Martin, WesleyNational Guard
2017Moen, CodyNational Guard
2017Montez, AntonioActive Duty
2017Nunley, KayleeNurse CorpsActive Duty
2017Ochman, StevenAviationActive Duty
2017Thai, BeancaActive Duty
2017Turcott, ZacharyActive Duty
2017Wright, AshleyActive Duty
2016Evans, EarnestActive Duty
2016Fuller, CodyNurse CorpsActive Duty
2016Goodwin, MadisonNurse CorpsActive Duty
2016Gordon, HaileeReserve
2016Hantho, MichaelActive Duty
2016Kennedy, AmberActive Duty
2016Kennedy, ZaneArmy Reserves
2016Lee, PhillipActive Duty
2016Munsell, MirandaNational Guard
2016Trabun, BrianAir Defense ArtilleryActive Duty
2015Blad, AubryActive Duty
2015Blad, ShelbyActive Duty
2015Duhamel, MarkusActive Duty
2015Emery, KatieActive Duty
2015Fleck, AnthonyActive Duty
2015Fox, SpencerNational Guard
2015Hagerty, ErinNational Guard
2015Imperial, AnthonyActive Duty
2015Mruk, AmandaArmy Reserves
2015Smith, AlexandraNational Guard
2015Yim, MaryNurse CorpsArmy Reserves
2014Abshire, VanessaActive Duty
2014Grant, WilliamNational Guard
2014Hawkins, JenniferArmy Reserves
2014Joiner, KellyArmy Reserves
2014Landoe, TheodoreActive Duty
2014Meier, JohnActive Duty
2014Rader, JosetteNational Guard
2014Sercey, JamesActive Duty
2014Wilhelm, ChelseaNurse CorpsActive Duty
2013Barnett, LiamActive Duty
2013Burbank, BenjaminNational Guard
2013Harris, MatthewActive Duty
2013Munro, CatherineNurse CorpsActive Duty
2013Reich, AmandaArmy Reserves
2013Tait, ColinActive Duty
2013Wilhelm, MichaelActive Duty
2012Bailey, BeauArmy Reserves
2012Brewer, JacobArmy Reserves
2012Brooks, QuintonActive Duty
2012Busby, AdamNurse CorpsActive Duty
2012Clark, RobertActive Duty
2012Covos, RosalbaArmy Reserves
2012Cutchin, JarodArmy Reserves
2012Dutton, JacobActive Duty
2012Hinson, JosephActive Duty
2012Lee, JoeArmy Reserves
2012Monk, KailebArmy Reserves
2012Schweiger, KevinNational Guard
2012Walker, EricArmy Reserves
2012Watts, JaymeActive Duty
2012Weber, PaulNational Guard
2011Bermudez, JeremyNational Guard
2011Blaydes,ShawnActive Duty
2011Brenner, BrianActive Duty
2011Delong, JosephActive Duty
2011Kristensen, KarlArmy Reserves
2011Ladines, JarrettArmy Reserves
2011Lawson, KevinArmy Reserves
2011Rose, NicholasNational Guard
2010Abshire, JonathanActive Duty
2010Decker, JoshuaActive Duty
2010Figuerres, PhillipNational Guard
2010James, ChristopherNational Guard
2010King, ZacharyActive Duty
2010Oneel, NicholasActive Duty
2010Powers, BlairNational Guard
2010Rose, JustinNational Guard
2010Scarth, AileaNurse CorpsNational Guard
2010Watts, PatrickActive Duty

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